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IBS is the center of global communication.
Incheon Global Campus Broadcasting Studio / Sep 2, 2018, Sunday
The IGC Broadcasting Studio (IBS), which celebrated its first broadcast on Sep 3, 2018 is for IGC students and is the only broadcaster in the IGC provided to represent your voices. It is an official broadcasting studio for the State University of New York (Stony Brook University, SUNY Korea), Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY Korea, University of Utah Asia Campus, George Mason University Korea, and Ghent University Global Campus, and is staffed by students currently enrolled in these schools.

IBS is currently staffed by 16 full-time members, 2 chiefs, and one director and one assistant director. Members in its founding year (year 1) include 7 students from the State University of New York (including FIT), 2 from the University of Utah, and 1 from Ghent University, and they are in charge of covering school news and contents of all schools at IGC.

The IBS press division covers news within the IGC quickly and accurately, and releases it on the official IBS homepage. Planning meetings are held every month to produce news in prose or card format by covering a wide range of topics in the campus and holding interviews. The announcer department also participates in video news production and is in charge of creating school and department PR videos.

The IBS technology production department produces creative video contents that are exclusive to IGC. Viewers are offered entertainment through school PR videos, school event sketches, and entertainment videos, which also provide useful information. Colorful and rich video contents are being developed based on the composition, production, filming and editing abilities of members.

As well, IBS created the audio broadcast team with a few members selected from two departments of IBS, and airs its radio broadcasts through speakers installed in the campus. The audio broadcast that will begin on Sep 3, 2018 airs the latest music and letters, and can be heard from lunch time to afternoon every day.

IBS, the first official broadcasting studio of Incheon Global Campus, vows to communicate with you, as the only broadcasting institute for IGC students.